What we do? If you have an interesting idea to coding, please contact us at, we will create a prototype for you, or we will recommend a price-priced company for free if the idea is not available with us. If we undertake to create a prototype for you, we will want a 1% stake, and a one-off payment, why shares? Because the creation of a prototype requires the most time, clarifying and synthesizing your imagination / vision for something that works requires the greatest effort in the whole undertaking. We believe that 1% will not rob you from your company, and we will provide you with an adequate advantage if your company is successful. The liquidation of these shares should not negatively affect the price of shares on the stock exchange, if you have ambitions to enter the stock exchange. We will also provide you with marketing services so that you can quickly appear on the internet and verify your idea, unless you already have some tried and tested solution in this area.

We do not deal with building electrical / electronic devices and wth coding, however, coding may be associated with an existing device, i.e. software that would otherwise use the existing device. You provide the requirements, your vision, on this basis we create a prototype for you, or we are looking for a company that will realize it cheaper than us, which specializes in such projects. We provide functional MVP.